Dear mom of the child with ADHD

Dear mom of the ADHD child,

You will be okay!
You will have days when you want to pull your hair out.
You will have days when you see hope.
You will be judged if you choose to medicate.
You will be judged if you don’t.
You will be accused of being a bad parent.
You will be accused of not discipling enough.
Or too much.
People will take pity on you.
They will look down their nose at you.
Doctor’s will give you advice. So will Grandma. And the neighbor. And the teachers.

Until they live an HOUR in your life, they don’t know.
They don’t know the struggles you have every morning getting ready for school.
They don’t know the struggles every afternoon to get homework done.
They don’t know you worry that your child isn’t eating enough because the medication curbs their appetite.
They don’t know you sometimes don’t want to answer your phone because you are afraid it is the principal. Or the bus driver. Again.

Who doesn’t judge?
Who doesn’t accuse?
Who does know?

A loving and merciful God!
Do you know Him?

He knows your daily struggles.
He knows you get discouraged.

He LOVES your child even more than you do!

He hears your prayers!

He CHOSE you to be this special child’s mama.

You know why?

Because YOU are the BEST mama for your child.
Nobody else!

I am HONORED He CHOSE me to have not just a child with ADHD, but also a child with ADD.
Sixteen months apart.

They are in their 20’s now, and I am here today to tell you about it.
You know what that means?
I survived.

No, it wasn’t a cake walk.
There are full periods of time in their young lives that are a blur to me.
There are also great memories.
There were many adoring kisses and handfuls of dandelion bouquets.
Many ‘look mom’ moments as they were daredevils on the playground.

Friend, I am here today to tell you


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Photo Credit: Mama Kautz’s daughter

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