I thought I would try dehydrating frozen corn. I used Costco’s organic frozen corn that they had in stock.

Dehydrating frozen corn is easier than you might think

The large bag was only around $4. The nice thing with frozen corn? I can just throw it on the tray and set the dehydrator. I forgot about it honestly and the corn was in there for about 24 hours. It didn’t need that long, but it didn’t hurt the corn either.


I ended up with one tray fitting in one jar. It doesn’t look like much once it dries.

I used my vacuum sealer to store it for long term.

This vacuum seal lid in the wide mouth size worked swimmingly. The regualar size? Not so much. Every time I pulled the lid off the seal broke. Could be operator error….maybe.

inner jar
I came across a video where she used regular jars inside a vacuum seal container. Once you pop off the tube, after it goes through the cycle, it seals the jar.

With this method you can use jars other than Mason jars. I save all my glass jars. There is something they could be used for. In the shop or the craft room. This has been a great way to re-use them and not just throw them away. Mason Jars can get pricey as food storage containers if I am not using them for canning. But re-using other jars is great!

This is how easy it is to re-hydrate. About 15 minutes soak time.

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