10 Uses for Coconut Oil

What are some different ways to use coconut oil? Well, let me tell you!
About a year ago, when we were on our Whole 30 kick that lasted about 15 days, I found this amazing thing. Coconut Oil! A healthy fat, in that it doesn’t affect your cholesterol the same way as margarine or the like.
Then, I found there are different ways to use coconut oil other than just to fry my eggs every morning.

So, what are some ways to use this yummy nectar de coconut?

  1. Lotion. Smells yummy and helps with dry skin at the same time. I had a patchy spot on my leg. Rubbed the oil on it for a few days and it cleared right up
  2. As a carrier oil for your doTerra Essential Oils
  3. Use in homemade deodorant or toothpaste
  4. Use in homemade soap
  5. Athlete’s foot treatment
  6. Shaving cream for smoother legs
  7. As a cooking oil in place of vegetable oil
  8. As a foot scrub
  9. Season your cast iron
  10. Defrizz split ends

In the near future I plan to make both the homemade deodorant and homemade toothpaste. I will be sure to report back to you on the results.

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