A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling though my twitter feed. I saw somebody tweet about Disney on the Road. A social media conference. I Googled it. There was one in Seattle! Only a 6 hour drive.

Now. For some. Six hours is far. But, when there aren’t ever any social media conferences near you. Ever. Six hours is nothing.

So I applied.

Thursday. I was minding my own business sitting at a library while I waited for my BFF to get off of work. (another post to come)
I casually check my email.




Pardon me?


As in I get to go!?

::Insert silent screech here::

So, June 27th I will be attending the conference IN MY HOMETOWN!

I recently shared with you all about how I wanted to be an Intentional Blogger.

I want to Blog Transparently for Christ.

How does this conference fit in?
I don’t know. I do know I will attend and glean all I can to better serve you.

There are many changes happening for me when it comes to writing and sharing. I KNOW He is blessing my blog. That I am in a season where I am not just a passive, blog-post-here-and-there blogger.

Would you like to attend Disney on the Road near you?

Go to their site for more information.

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