Enjoying the Christmas Season with your Teenagers

We have two teenagers in the house…15 & 17
We, as a family, have a few traditions.
In all honesty, they were when we had younger kids and are getting harder to talk the kids into as the they get older.

Things like Gingerbread House decorating and sugar cookie baking.
The last two years I did Elf on the Shelf. Pretty sure I won’t get away with that again this year.
Make thermos full of hot chocolate and drive around looking at lights.

Another tradition we used to do, until we found a church closer to home, was after Christmas Eve service we would walk on the boardwalk in Coeur d Alene then go to Jack in the Box for dinner. I know, so cheesy, but it was a tradition.

Now that we no longer have littles around, at least until grandkids, I wanted to be intentional with what little time we have left with them at home.
We haven’t, in past years, really ever had to deal with ungrateful teens or bored teens, who truly feel tortured to be home.
I don’t know if that is because we are such cool parents or because we homeschool and there isn’t a transition time on vacation’s from school.

Something different this year is the production of Best Christmas Pageant Ever…The teens and I are all in it.
So that’s memory making in and of itself. It runs two weekends in December if you are in town.

Go Shopping
I plan on taking them, one on one, to town to go Christmas shopping, go to lunch, and maybe to a paint your own ceramic place.

Movie Day
Since our weekends with dad are limited in December this may have to be during the week.
This is okay because dad isn’t really into Hallmark movies.
Let the kids each pick a movie and snacks and get cozy.

Make Gifts
Something from the heart. Pinterest is going to be great for ideas this year.

Game Day
Put all the cell phones away, turn off the computer, and pull out the board games.(My suggestions here) A little competition is healthy.

Holiday Parade
We have, in past years, gone to the parade the day after Thanksgiving. Every year I say never again.
This year my Mother-in-Love will be here so I think we are going.
They do the tree lighting after the parade then we go inside and warm up with hot chocolate and enjoy the Coeur d Alene Resort.

Craft Day
Not just glitter and stars, but harder, more intricate ideas. Maybe Origami tree decorations or these cool ideas on Pinterest. What did we do before Pinterest?

These are a few ideas to help you connect with your teen this holiday.
I also made a Printable Bucket List for you to enjoy.

I pray blessings over you and your teens this Christmas Season!!

Bucket List for the Holidays with your Teenager

photo credit: Brainedge via photopin cc

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