31 Days of Essential Oils Series: Essential Accessories

This is where I share my favorite accessories. The fun stuff. Well. Oils are fun, but the accessories can be too.

Roller Bottles
These are great to make your own blends. Makes it easy for the kids to have their own bottles as well. I just ordered these for a Roller Bottle Make n Take class

roller bottle blend

Key Chain
I love my keychain (found here) You can also order through doTERRA.
I have 8 of my most used oils and really should get a second keychain.

Sample Bottles
To hand out samples to your friends. You may not think these will be necessary, but I am here to tell you. As soon as they smell that amazing Wild Orange they will want their own Wild Orange and you will gladly oblige.

To diffuse the oils for the aromatherapy factor.
Great way to get On Guard in the air to kill germies.
There are all sorts of different blends to make your home smell amazing and help with moods.

I have this one and just go this one and love it too!

What are some of your favorite accessories for essential oils?

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