They say happiness is contagious, and many times this is true.

But some people have more difficulty than others being satisfied with their emotions even if they have everything they need to live a happy, productive life. This is where Essential Oils step in!

They work, plain and simple:
1 drop of pure essential oil contains 40 MILLION TRILLION molecules that can service every cell of the body within minutes.

Oils are dynamic

Not only do they support your body physically with regular, healthy cell functions, but they also support our emotional state of mind which is why my customers are satisfied, life-long advocates (and even new friends).

100% natural

Essential Oils are derived from sustainably harvested plants from their respective natural origin. dōTERRA® has the purest oils available through their Cō-Impact Sourcing® program making it a no-brainer when choosing a quality oil that will deliver on results and not hurt the earth.
One of the challenges that people often share is that they do not feel at peace. Can you relate with this feeling?

We must create happiness starting with ourselves at the molecular level if we aim to think bigger, lead happier families, and embrace happiness globally.

What I am proposing is not a new solution, yet one that is centuries old.
If everyone found inner peace with sustainably sourced essential oils (keep in mind that 1 drop of oil has 40 million trillion molecules), then collaborating together to find global emotional satisfaction and balance would be an easier feat to embrace.

One of my favorite Essential Oil recipes to help bring peace into my life is my Feelings of Sadness Protocol:

4 drops of dōTERRA® Wild orange
4 drops of dōTERRA® Lemon

1 drop of dōTERRA® Elevation on your chest
1 Drop of dōTERRA® Balance balance on your feet
1 Drop of dōTERRA® Balance on your solar plexus (under ribs)

If you are not emotionally strong on a molecular level, even a room full of your favorite things will bring you little joy. Find your bliss, joy, and excitement again with oils that inspire empowerment, trigger cherished memories, and create a newfound sense of emotional freedom.

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