My favorite essential oil books and apps

Today’s post is short and sweet.
I have my favorites. Not that there aren’t other options, these are just the ones I prefer.


doTERRA Daily Drop App

The new Daily Drop App provides a convenient solution to essential oil education. Short videos and simple challenges are right at your fingertips all day. You might find yourself waiting in the parking lot to pick up your kids, on your lunch break, or winding down at the end of the day when you have some time to fill. Commit to two minutes a day for 30 days to take your essential oil usage knowledge to the next level.

Another good app is the MydoPRO

Last but not least, the Modern Essentials App It’s like having the book in your pocket.


I love my apps, I also love having the books on hand to reference.

Tisserand is not the god of essential oils as some may lead you to believe. That said, he is well versed in oils. Read this, but don’t let it be the only thing you read.

Another post about books HERE

You probably thought you were going to Well, you have. Kind of. It is still me, just me with a new Mission and Purpose.
I hope you will stick around. I am glad you are here!

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