Let’s talk about essential oil dilution. Some essential oils are, for lack of a better term, hot or spicy. They can be irritating to the skin.
For example Oregano or Cinnamon. Both, while they won’t hurt your or burn you, can make your skin red and feel hot. Diluting your essential oils also helps there to be less ‘flash off’ or evaporation.

Never fear! Just add oil. By oil I don’t mean more essential oil, but carrier oil.

My oil of choice is Fractionated Coconut Oil. (buy here) This is coconut oil in liquid form that doesn’t solidify.
My second choice is Apricot oil. (buy here)
You can use Avocado (buy here), Olive, or even vegetable oil if you like. I don’t recommend these for making roller balls, but for occasional dilution they are fine.

Grapeseed oil (buy here)

· It offers regenerative and restructuring characteristics that offer quality skin moisturizing.

· Great for massage

· It leaves a glossy film that protects essential oils from evaporation.

· It does not aggravate acne or clog pores.

Jojoba Oil (buy here)

It has a very stable shelf life and when mixed with other carriers, increases their shelf life.

· It is known for its nourishing qualities for the skin.

· It closely resembles the natural oils of our own skin

· It absorbs well into the skin, without the greasy feeling that other oils might have.

· It is naturally protective to sensitive skin

A positive to diluting your oils, even if they aren’t needing it, is that stretches your oils. When looking for a carrier oil, it truly is personal preference.

dilution chart
I make a roller bottle (more to come on this later in the series) of grounding blend with fractionated coconut oil and it makes the essential oil last longer as in takes longer to go through it.

conversion chart

Something else to know is if you use an oil that you don’t think will bother you and it does, just add a carrier oil to it. DO NOT ADD WATER…it won’t help.

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