Nothing says I Love You like something homemade.
These recipes are also frugal, so bonus.
For obvious reasons I use only CPTG essential oils.

If you would like more information on how to purchase oils go to this page and if you are wondering how to start your own at home business go here.

One thing I love about my favorite oil company is that there aren’t a ton of different products, therefore, I feel, focusing on the oils.
It is so easy to make your own.
I buy the majority of my supplies from Amazon using Amazon Prime to get free shipping.

Homemade Shaving Cream

“If you have not yet tried making your own men’s shaving cream, I have to beg you to try it at least once. Nothing out of a can feels as nice or smells as nice as this Homemade Mens Shaving Cream”

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Homemade Hand Scrub

I think this would be a great replacement for that harsh ‘orange scrubbing’ stuff under the sink. You know the one in the gallon pump jug.

“Hubby and I recently went to a mall and we were drawn into a popular store where they sell anything and everything scented.

I couldn’t find anything remotely pronounceable, so we didn’t end up buying anything. But my husband did fall in love with a hand scrub that was at the little washing station. So I decided to make it myself – and use essential oils for an extra therapeutic kick!”

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DIY Aftershave Balm
This would go under Not your Father’s Aftershave

“Put your lotion-making skills to work and make a soothing aftershave balm for men. Formulating products for men isn’t very different from making a regular moisturizer, but men usually want a lighter-feeling lotion, so I’ve used a higher water-to-oil ratio to formulate a thinner product. This recipe makes approximately 250 grams or 8oz of finished lotion.”

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Natural Cologne

“There’s nothing like a nice-smelling man, but sometimes aftershaves and colognes are a bit overpowering. Mix him his own personal scent that he can spritz all over — and won’t cause others to hold their breath as he walks by. And this man spray also does a great job of quickly making spaces smell better.”
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