Is topical use of essential oils safe @MamaKautz

I am going to share a few safety ‘rules’ of essential oils. These seem pretty straightforward, but if you are new to EO’s it’s good knowledge to have.

#1 Never put oils IN your eyes or your ears
This really goes without saying. NEVER POUR OILS IN YOUR EYES OR EARS.

#2 Only certain essential oils are safe.
Not all oils are the same. The ones marked AROMATIC USE ONLY are not safe for topical use.
Make sure you are using quality oils before applying topically.

#3 Citrus oils are photosensitive
This means sensitive to sunlight. When these oils are applied to the skin they can cause a rash or burn when exposed to sunlight. It is recommended that you simply stay out of the sun when using them. If you apply these oils to your feet or somewhere under clothing, you will be fine.
(Lemon, Bergamot, Orange, Tangerine and Lime)

#4 ‘Hot’ oils will feel hot and can irritate the skin
Oregano, Cinnamon, Clove, Thyme, Cassia and even the cooling of Peppermint, can feel ‘hot.’ If this occurs just use a carrier oil to dilute it. NOT WATER.
If you are taking a hot oil internally I suggest doing so in a veggie cap (buy here), not a drink.

#5 Essential Oils in the Tub
One of my FAVORITE was to relax is a hot bath with Lavender essential oil and an itty bitty bit of coconut oil. I also add epsom salt to help emulsify and distribute the oil throughout the tub.

#6 Less is more
Essential oils are potent, not bad, just strong. You don’t need but a drop or two to be effective.

I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am enjoying sharing!

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