Essential Oils & The FDA

Can we just talk about essential oils and the FDA for just a minute.

 I don’t know if you all are aware of this. You might not be because you’re not in the same circles with the essential oil companies.

The FDA has decided that there is now compliance verbiage that we need to go by.  I have never said or claimed that essential oils can cure or prevent any disease, but when I can find scientific proof of the essential oils work…

That is now not going to be enough and I am no longer allowed to share with you how essential oils work because they’re not FDA approved. I can share how they support you. They can not cure you.

Now, I don’t want to turn this space into a political space, but I feel I owe it to you how I see it. I have stated my opinion with compliance that I feel that this is a form of censorship. I was told no, it’s not censorship, it is FDA regulations. I get it. I get that we need to protect ourselves from those who can’t protect themselves. Those people that we have warnings about hot coffee for. 

When I can show scientific studies that have been done and even have even show online the results of certain oils and the results of tests, yet the FDA says that isn’t good enough. I can’t share these with you now,  so therefore I feel the FDA censoring my ability to blog about such oils.

In the future I will be sharing what I can about oils, they will be non-brand specific. Because of my status with an oil company I cannot make claims (which I don’t make extravagant, non backed claims) so a lot of my posts have had to be removed (ie colds & flu, H1N1, ADHD etc) for me to continue my status as a business owner.  I could choose to not be with that company anymore,  but that isn’t in our best interest financially.

Some of the links here are going to be broken and I apologize for that. It saddens me to know I can’t share my passion with you in the way that I want.

I feel we all need the education. We all need to stock up on the oils because there’s going to be a day that we can’t get the oils. If you don’t have the oils yet you need to get them whether you go with me or another trusted source.

You need to get the knowledge. You need to get the oils.

I do feel in my heart of hearts that there’s going to be a day where we are unable to have access to such oils, or any other natural remedies, because with us having that kind of control of our own lives the FDA does not have the control. If the FDA doesn’t have the control big pharmaceutical companies don’t have the control. That is what this all about they want to not let us have the choice to make the decisions for ourselves and how we treat our own issues or ailments.

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