Top 10 Family Board Games to Play During a Power Outage @MamaKautz

These are our families favorite board games.
Great way to pass the time if there is a winter storm or a power outage. Hopefully you are reading this BEFORE you actually need the games and are prepared when it does happen.
This list is in no particular order. We have played and do own them all.


Players have to eradicate the pandemic before it spreads. I’d like to think of this as practice haha KIDDING!


Say Anything

Ask a question from the card drawn.
Everyone else writes an answer and turns it face up
The player chooses an answer, secretly, and everybody then tries to guess which one the player chose. ages 13+ 3-8 players



We get loud and heated with this game so we don’t play it too often. Ages Adult 3+ players


Settlers of Cataan

Love the game…have wanted it for a long time…that said difficult to learn, so we have a love hate relationship with it.

No age listed 3-4 players



Must be creative. This is an outside of the box game…fun! Ages 13+ 4+ players



Kids love to play this with Oma when she comes during the holidays. Logical thinking game. Ages 8+ 2-4 players



Family favorite! Hours of fun have been had with this game. Ages 8+ 2-6 players


Post Cards from America

This is a fun one…lots of snowy days spent playing around the dining room table with this great geography game. Ages 7+ 2-4 players.



Apples to Apples

The list would not be complete without Apples to Apples
Close behind #1 This is a FUN game and should be in every household. Ages 12+ 4-10 players


Wits & Wagers

For ages 10+

fo ages 6+

A player asks a question the other players answer the question. Then they place their Meeple on the answer they think the other player is going to guess…Wagering a certain amount of points in hopes of guessing correctly. 3-8 players

What are some of YOUR family favorites? Leave a comment with suggestions!

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