1st Amend

Today is Boy Child #2’s 21st Birthday.
Today he was going to perform some of his Poetry Slam at the Student Union Building of our local college.

Boy Child #3, Girl Child and I decided to surprise him by just showing up. Support him and also to record his poetry. I hadn’t heard it yet.

Joey got up in the SUB aka cafeteria and asked for everybody’s attention.
Public speaking has always come easy for him.

He started his slam.
With good response from the audience.

About 2-3 minutes into it a man approached him. A man who was on staff at the college.

Joey was told to stop. The man took Joey aside, in front of the whole SUB and told Joey

“This building is not a freedom of speech building”

Not a freedom of speech building? Pardon me?
In the video I have a not proud moment where you can hear me say “Seriously?” Mama Bear calmed down and didn’t interfere with the conversation.
It is a very good thing I couldn’t write this right after it happened. I had all day to think on how I would word this.

There were a few directions that Joey could have gone with his response.

He could have flipped out and complained.
He could have ignored the man and continued.
He did neither.
He respected the man’s wishes.
He didn’t cause a scene.
Let’s face it.
The ENTIRE room was watching him and he has JUST professed that he was a Christian. He was being watched.

I had a choice to make on how I was going to respond as well. My younger two children were watching me.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you know we are preppers. You also know one of my most recent hobbies is shooting my gun.
Our kids know what is going on in the world. They know we are about to lose our 2nd amendment rights. They know the economy is about to tank.

Seeing their brother being told to stop sharing about his faith…..Something that we, as a family, feel strongly about.

Why was Joey told to stop? Was God trying to humble him? Was God saying this isn’t about you Joey, this is about me?
Is God going to use Joey at the school, to open up doors when it comes to freedom of speech where our faith is concerned?

Is this country so politically correct that us sharing our faith is offensive, but we are intolerant if we voice our opinion about the Gay-Straight Alliance?

Joey did meet with the VP of Student Services. They had a great chat.
There will be more to this and I will share as I am able.

Please pray for Joey to have wisdom to move on and in what direction that is.

Here is the video I was able to get….sorry it’s so bad. I used my camera.

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