Loved 5 minute Friday last week….so trying it again this week!  Be sure to go to GypsyMama’s site and link up!


You were stubborn from the moment labor started. 24+ hours until you finally decided to make an appearance. All 10 pounds of you!  I was barely 20. What was I going to do with a BABY!

Tomorrow you turn 21! 21? How can that be? Where has the time gone.

You have grown into a fine young man! My first born!

I will be honest….there were times we wondered. Wondered what God had in store for you. Wondered what road you were going to go down.

Growing up for you wasn’t easy. It didn’t come without bumps and valleys.

You proved the world wrong. You overcame much!

I love you Thomas Michael more than you could ever fathom!

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