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While I am sure there is some debate on this way of storing food long term. It works for us. And honestly, I don’t think I need to store it for 20+ years. That is another post for another day.

I re-use water and pop bottles to store rice and beans.

Fill the bottles then add a little O2 packet (oxygen absorber). You can find O2 packets on Amazon.
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Make sure the bottles are clean and dry. I run them through the dishwasher then let them dry for a day or more.

Because you have to work fast on the O2 packets, once you open the package, this is where a second person is needed.
One shoves the packet in the top of the full bottle while the other comes behind and closes the bottle up.

Then I store the left over packets in a Mason jar with the air sucked out.

I buy the 25 pounds of rice and beans at Costco. What is pictured is 1 bag of each. Sure doesn’t look like much.

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