Forest Fire Safety
Photo of my son.
Credit to unknown fellow Firefighter

Living in the mountains of North Idaho, I would say forest fire is our #1 threat.
If not #1, it is in our Top 5, right behind maybe earth quake and blizzard.
We have a son who is a Wildland Firefighter so, honestly, I hadn’t given much thought to our own safety, until it became obvious that he wasn’t necessarily going to be here if we experience a forest fire for ourselves.

He and I walked our property to see what needed to be done to make our home safe.
Mind you, we have 5 acres, half of which is trees.
We also have 5 uninhabited acres, directly behind us, that is all trees.
We don’t own that property, sadly, so we can’t do anything about it.

Here are some tips directly from our son:


  1. Defensible space 30-50 feet of cleared area and green vegetation around home
  2. Ample access for large engines
  3. Water supply
  4. Metal roofing
  5. Clear gutters and porches of natural debris
  6. Go to Firewise



defensible space

quad trailThis goes around the whole property. Makes for a good barrier.

Google Earth arial viewThanks to Google Earth for such a great arial view of my property.

Defensible Space
We have the minimum of 30 feet easily of any vegetation. As you can see in the above photo, we have a circular drive and lots of trees. Nothing up against the house though.

our roaddriveway

Ample access
We have a large, albeit long, driveway, with a turnaround and also access to most areas on the property.
I would obviously not be worried about landscaping if they needed to go off of the driveway, but there is also a quad trail
that is now a great natural wall, if you will, to stop a fire.

frost free

Water Supply
Our son and I walked the property and found the best frost free spout with the best water pressure was a ways from the house.
We then priced hose and will be ordering one in the next few weeks.

Metal Roofing
We couldn’t afford it when we had the house built 10 years ago.
We are going to look into the prices for this to get done.

Clear Gutters & Porches
We live where we get a lot of snow. We don’t have gutters. We do have a deck, which is home to a picnic table and BBQ 3 months of the year.

Evacuation Plan
In case we have to Bug Out this is our plan:
Our son says RUN!
It’s not that simple.
We have animals. Goats, Chickens, 2 dogs and a cat.
I was told to let the goats go….Like horses they should find their way back.
We have BOB’s already packed.
We also have a rendezvous point in case cell phones are down.
Of course we have FRS radios in our bags.


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