A Five Minute Friday post linked up with Lisa Jo.
Five minutes. No corrections. No editing. Just write.

I met you the summer before starting 6th grade. I was new. We hung out all summer. We were Friends. I thought so anyway.
School started and you acted like you didn’t know me.
You actually bullied me.
You followed me around the school yard taunting me.
I was the new kid and you took full advantage of it.
After that I didn’t do the Friend thing so well.
I became ‘one of the guys’ so as not to become hurt.
Friendships with girls would come and go.
Nothing too deep.
I put up a wall.
Didn’t want to let anybody in for fear of being hurt again. Which it did.
Some of my dearest
Friends live in my computer and are scattered across the country.
I even have ‘in real life’ Friends now.
The best part? I married my best Friend.


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