It is that time for much of the country. Whether you are a vegetable gardener or a flower gardener, or both. You will endure at least a few, if not all, of the things on this list.

Peppermint roller is great for cooling you down. Roll one swipe (if you are brave 2 swipes) on the back your your neck. I don’t recommend doing so when you are sweaty though.

Lavender is good for soothing skin irritations. For example your shoulders. A swipe or two then rub to cover the area. So soothing and recommended to do near bed time.

Terrashield is a good blend for gardeners because it repels bugs. It also has been known to repel people.

Purify is for if the bugs got past the Terrashield. A drop on each spot will help soothe the area.

Can we talk about Correct-X for gardeners? I have thrown away the petroleum based products and only use this. So many options from lip relief to pokes from your rose bushes because you couldn’t find your gloves.

After a long day outside, I recommend Deep Blue for all gardeners. Too much kneeling and pulling weeds? This is not your daddies Ben Gay.

If you are wanting all of these, you can grab them by clicking here. This link has all of the Gardener’s Survival Kit PLUS you will get 25% off of retail by getting your wholesale membership. The membership basically pays for itself with these few items and the savings you will get. When you run out of something you can order again for 25% off of retail. Kind of like Costco.

Don’t suffer another summer!

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