Aren’t they the CUTEST! It is apparently easier to eat when standing IN your food.
Fonz on the left, Hawk on the right. There has been some discussion as to our intentions with these cuties. We’ve named them. If they are meant for the freezer you aren’t supposed to name them. Truth being, we can’t breed them with their mother. Maybe, if Jazz has a girl….She’s due in June.

The Goat Whisperer. Boy Child really likes them. Not going to lie. They are cute. Friendly. Free entertainment. Much like the chickens were last spring.

Don’t you love those ears! Hawk’s, not Boy Child’s. His mama is La Mancha, his daddy was Nubian.

Jazzy is saying hello.

I am happy with the choice to get goats. I had NO IDEA the amount of POO that would be made from them and our pigs. I just keep thinking about next years garden.

We started out milking Claire and bottle feeding the babies. They have since been able to nurse so we aren’t milking and feeding. We will have to wean them in about 4 weeks and then we will have the daily milking of Claire.
Then I can start making goat cheese AKA Chavre.

Do you have a great recipe for goat cheese? How do you use your goat milk?

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