Last Sunday, after church, we went hiking.


We came across this tree. We decided an elk had probabaly come across it and rubbed it’s antlers on it.


The kids decided to go UP this hill. I was okay watching from the bottom. Taking pictures. Like I do.


We found some animal remains. Wed decided this was probably due to a coyote.


Boy Child noticed a small magnifying glass on his compass. So. What else do you do with amagnifying glass when it’s sunny? You try to start a fire of course.

I love when The Principal can join us on our outings. We hope to go hiking after church all summer.


Hey guys, there’s a big bear behind you.


We got to do some tracking. These were the most prominant we found all day.



Playing with my iPhone4S Panoramic option.

Do you go on hikes with your family? Do you have tall trees and big mountains where you live or is it flat? Leave a comment with the answers

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