Grief Pictures, Images and Photos

I am not gonna lie. I am not gonna candy coat this.

This grief thing? It sucks.

I can go a whole day and be totally fine. 

Then something will trigger my thoughts and  ‘Oh Ya….mom’s gone’ 

Last Sunday was the first Sunday since she passed.  We always go over on Sunday evening to read the ads and coupons.

She isn’t here to visit.

Just this evening we were eating some York patties….mini ones that mom had in her stash.  They are almost gone. She isn’t here to replace them when that last patty is eaten.

Both of these instances….mind you there are more…..but both made me tear up and even. GASP. CRY!

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time. Or if you follow me on twitter. You know I am not a hugger. Or a crier. Having been raised by a British mother you just didn’t cry. My dad wasn’t a hugger so I guess I get that from him.

This whole crying thing? I am letting myself do it. Thursday I even pulled the car over and let it go. What good am I doing if I don’t.  Oh by the way….I won’t be making any trips to Michael’s anytime soon….

So with all of this said.  I have decided I need to blog through this journey. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Actually. It wasn’t me who decided, but The Principal suggested.

My ‘blog hits’ have dropped tremendously since moving to the .com….and more so since I haven’t been blogging.

At this point it isn’t about numbers. 

Maybe there is a woman out there who used to be part of the Sandwich Generation and now finds she is in a new season of life. If I reach only one person then this writing was worth it.

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