Before this whole gun debate happened I purchased a 9mm handgun.
We began prepping almost a year ago. Part of our preps are security. Guns and ammo.
In the recent past I have really become educated on guns and find I am no long afraid of them
You see, I thought if I dropped a round (commonly known as bullet) it could go off.
The Principal has always been a hunter. His rifles in the house scared me. Locked up they still made me nervous.
I had to become educated on them to know dropping a round won’t kill you. It could go off if dropped at the correct angle, but was unlikely.
Proper handling comes with education.
I have taken a gun safety course.
I have applied for my concealed weapons permit. Not with the intention of carrying everywhere I go, but to even have my 9mm in my car I have to have the CCP.

Facebook has made it so not a lot you do is private.
Every time I like a picture or a post it pops up in people’s feeds. I am on many Second Amendment Facebook pages and I ‘like’ posts often that have to do with our rights. (I also ‘like’ pictures of Rottweiler’s)
Lately people have posted on my page pictures of guns saying ‘I thought of you.’ Or when I asked what a good blog design would be guns was suggested. Twice.
I was convicted by that.
If I were to die tomorrow is that what people would remember be by? My pink Mossy Oak hoody and my new found hobby of guns?

How I inspired you to do something frugal or buy a chick to get your own eggs or how to prep.

I would prefer to be remembered for my love of God and my family.

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