Have you Tried Founders Academy Live Online Classes?

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Have you heard of online classes via CurrClick, but weren’t sure you would like them?

We heard about them way back when we had satellite internet, which isn’t really streaming friendly.
As soon as we got ‘real’ internet we signed up with Founders Academy for American Government, last fall.

There are so many plusses to doing a class online.

  • Gives you a break from teaching
  • Puts the child in charge of their learning
  • Your child learns how to adapt to a teacher, other than mom, from the safety of your own home (or coffee shop)
  • Most classes are recorded, so if you ahem oversleep on a Monday, you can still watch the recording.
  • Did I say it gives you a break from teaching?

We are currently enrolled in Young Patriots. It was important to me that my kids learn the history of our country. Yes, they are high school age, so Mrs Schott, or Lynn,  has assigned them additional work at the high school level. She is soooooo nice and accommodating! She is also Christian and teaches all of her classes from a Christian Worldview.

Here is a list of her upcoming classes

These are 1 time classes

Great for testing the water to see if CurrClick Live is for you:

  • Honoring Our Vets
  • Let’s Give Thanks
  • Pearl Harbor Day
  • Christmas at the White House

Spring Classes

Both have payment plan options as well as a sibling add on.

  • Government 101
  • Economics 101

I can’t speak highly enough of how wonderful having this option is. Lynn was a homeschool mom herself so she get’s where we are coming from.
You should give her a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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