The end of last month I went to a blogger’s conference. A conference for Christian women. Last year I came home and started my other site DIVA Girls.
I knew God was going to show up. What He was going to ask me to do I had no clue.

I needed some space. As an introvert I need to refuel and I do that be being alone.
I decided to go on a photo walk.

I walked around the town of Harrisburg. Found this cool, old bridge over the river.

I found the Capital of Pennsylvania. I am a sucker for Capital’s.

At this point the photo walk turned into a prayer walk….God and me….me and God…chatting.
He is saying “I want to you to write an e-book.”
Mind you I have ZERO desire to be published….e-book or otherwise. Zilch!
He then shares with me WHAT the topic is to be.
Not fun stuff like prepping or how to pressure can bacon
No He wants me to write about my Redemption story
Are you serious!! This!?
I messaged a friend whom I told I was scared to death to write this.
She told me “Fear is not of the Lord”…so Satan is saying nope you aren’t going to write to give Him glory or did I hear God wrong? Did I really hear Him?
Satan says “You aren’t going to write to help others heal from their pain. Their embarrassment.”

As I walk down the street tweeting that I am being UNDONE as I walk….

These were what my Twitter sister’s said:

Then I saw this, as I walked, with tears streaming down my face.

This is what I heard.

Jesus loves me!
I will write the e-book.
A devotional for the Silent Sufferers.
Those that made a choice that will effect the rest.of.their.lives.

Will you pray with me.
I want to be transparent for Him. To Him be the glory!

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