You know those Christians the one who grew up in the church. Were saved from the crib. Never committed any ‘real’ sin.
The ones who look at you differently after you tell your story of adultery. Or abortion. Or addiction.
We are still healing after leaving the church we attended for 5 years almost a year ago.
I no longer feel like I was the only one in the wrong. The only one that ‘broke’ the rules.

Our family has not come out of this unscarred.
The Principal especially. He shared. He opened up his heart to people. Only to find out later that he was disposable. He wouldn’t play the ‘game’ by their rules.
God is still doing a work in us. A healing process.
I am back at a ladies bible study. It’s a breath of fresh air. I am also helping at youth group again.
The Principal? He’s much more skeptical of the church as a whole. Much more cautious of making connections.
I don’t blame him.
It was ‘Christians’ that hurt us more than anybody ever has before.
That, my friends, speaks volumes.
He hasn’t left our side. This pain will be redeemed.


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