Homemade fire starters with dryer lint and egg cartons

As part of our journey to self sufficiency we made fire starters. These will be great for camping or just bon-fire starting.

We use

  1. egg cartons
  2. dryer lint
  3. candle wax
  4. wood chips

We received 2 black garbage bags FULL of wood chips….I wouldn’t purchase these otherwise. The fire-starters are fine with just the lint, which I have an abundance of.

For candle wax I just purchased a used candle from a thrift store and melted it down.


egg carton

melted down with my canning pot because I don’t have

a double boiler.

free wood-chips

stuff the lint into the egg carton then add wood chips


pour wax over and let cool

finished product

We will cut apart sections as we need them

with the left over wax we water proofed some matches

just dip the tips in and you’re good.

I bought the matches at the Dollar Store