Homemade Onion Powder is not as hard to make as you might think. It also lasts an amazingly long time.

Crafting homemade onion powder is a game-changer in the kitchen, offering both culinary versatility and long-lasting freshness. By dehydrating fresh onions and grinding them into a fine powder, you unlock a potent flavor enhancer that elevates dishes effortlessly. This homemade alternative not only boasts superior taste but also eliminates additives often found in store-bought versions.

Today I am going to break it down in a few easy steps for you.

Peel your Onions

Onions in water
When I peel a ton of onions for homemade onion powder,  I always put them in water. It helps with the tear inducing issues that come from slicing onions. Does it work? I’d like to think so. It could also be all in my head.

Onions in the food processor

Slice your Onions 

I set out to slice these onions for my onion powder in the food processor. They were more like pulverized. I must have used the wrong blade. I really wanted dehydrated slices…. Like these below….

dehydrated sliced onion

…the last time I dehydrated onions. Alas, that is not what I got. It was more of a mush but was totally usable with a tray liner

mushy onions

So, instead of sliced onions I got this mush. I set the dehydrator in hopes to still be able to use the onions.
It worked out fine. I used our coffee grinder (I use this one) to make the powder. 


For whatever reason they turned a pinkish color after being in the dehydrator.(I use this dehydrator)
Not sure why, but thankfully  didn’t affect the taste.

coffee grinding onions
How Much Did it Make?

Below is what 9 trays of dehydrated onion mush turned homemade onion powder looks like.

How to Store your Onion Powder

I store the onion powder in a jar that I repurposed.

You can see the line of where the onions that were pinkish compared to the other onions.
Love knowing where my onion powder came from and SO much cheaper than buying it at the grocery store.

onion powder


Homemade Onion Powder
The jar on the left is dried onion that I didn’t run through the coffee grinder. I wish I had saved a bit more out for this purpose.

Did you know you can make homemade garlic powder too?

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