I love making things with my essential oils.
How cool is it to make stuff for yourself.
This week I made shaving cream!

Now, this shaving cream didn’t lather up like your husband’s shaving cream probably does. It didn’t even lather like my gel does.
It did, however, make my legs feels amazing! It also smells great!

Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe

The lower, right picture is how much this recipe made, which was about 4oz
I am not sure why it looks so yellow. I blame horrible lighting.

leg with shaving cream on it
I wouldn’t normally share a picture of my leg, but I wanted you to see how this turned out.
It doesn’t look like much compared to store bought mens shaving cream or gel style, but again, my legs were super smooth.
Bonus: Low toxin load, which is my goal when making my own products.

Have you made your own shaving cream? What was different?

1/3 C. Coconut Oil
2T. Almond Oil
1/3 C Shea Butter
2 T Castille Soap
10-20 Drops EO of choice. I used Clove.

Melt Coconut Oil and Shea Butter together.
Add Almond Oil
Add Castille Soap
Add Essential Oil

If possible leave in bowl and refrigerate. I thought it would be neat to use a Mason Jar only to realize my hand mixer would not fit in a small mouth jar.
After it hardens whip with hand mixer.
If water gets into the jar the blend will spoil quicker than if you use dry hands to apply.
Because of the Castille soap it will make your shower slick so use caution.

You probably thought you were going to MamaKautz.com. Well, you have. Kind of. It is still me, just me with a new Mission and Purpose.
I hope you will stick around. I am glad you are here!


Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe

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