Homeschooling High School. Curriculum that Worked for Us

Our Favorite Homeschool Curriculum for High School

Homeschool curriculum choices can be!
Like, over the top, make you crazy trying to choose which is best for your children, crazy. If you are like me, each child has a different learning style, but you can’ justify 2 or 3 or even 4 different sets of books to cater to each child.

I don’t call myself an expert, but I have gone around the block a few times and read my share of curriculum catalogs.
While we have run the gamut of styles from K12 to Unschooling, I have really enjoyed Charlotte Mason style the most.
I use (loosely) Simply Charlotte Mason as a guide. There is also Ambelside Online.

We are on our 10th year of homeschooling and down to only 1 child who will actually be enrolled at the local community college.
This list is of our favorites for high school. All 4 of my kids enjoyed these curriculums. Yes, they all had different learning styles, but they enjoyed the Charlotte Mason style of schooling.

Critical Thinking
Anything from

Living History. Books from the library. This is where I use Simple Charlotte Mason as a guide. The books are listed in age appropriate sections by era.

I use the Simply Charlotte Mason literature list as a guide as well. I get the books from the library or search Amazon for free downloads.

Teaching Textbooks.
We have tried Saxon and Math U See. Teaching Textbooks seems to be the best for our family. The kids watch the cd on the computer and it teaches them as they figure the problems.

Apologia for Science.
We have loved ALL of our Apologia science over the years. I have heard both good and not so good about their Biology. My kids aren’t going to an Ivy League College so this works for us. There is also the Living Science list. I will get these books from the library

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