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Homeschooling with Netflix

I am doing a series on Homeschooling with Netflix.
I will cover American History, Ancient History, Literature turned Movie, Math and Money, Health Class, Nat Geo, Science, Christian Viewing, and Documentaries.
These are movies on American History that I have used when Homeschooling with Netflix that we have watched and enjoyed.
I included the Netflix commentary, as well as our own, because some of these were watched ages ago.

Colonial & Revolution Era

The Crossing
“A stirring dramatization of George Washington’s surprise attack on the British Army’s German mercenaries at Trenton during the American Revolution, based on the book by Howard Fast” (purchase here)

Johnny Tremain
“When an injury bars him from pursuing his trade, Revolutionary War-era silversmith’s apprentice Johnny Tremain (Hal Stalmaster) finds a new life in the ranks of the Sons of Liberty army, taking part in the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere’s legendary ride.”
(A little dated, and the kids thought it was a little cheesy. That said, they watched it in it’s entirety and liked it.)

Purchase the audio book or DVD on Amazon

Civil War

Gettysburg:The movie
“The fiercest battle fought on American soil comes to the screen in a realistic production that painstakingly re-creates the events of three fateful days in July 1863 — from the actual battle locations to the uniforms and boots” Purchase the DVD on Amazon


“Loosely based on the letters of Union commander Col. Robert G. Shaw, this Academy Award-winning drama follows the first group of African-Americans to serve in combat during the Civil War — and shows how they helped turn the tide of the war.”
(We love all things Civil War.) Amazon Netflix


“Director Steven Spielberg takes on the towering legacy of Abraham Lincoln, focusing on his stewardship of the Union during the Civil War years. The biographical saga also reveals the conflicts within Lincoln’s cabinet regarding the war and abolition.”
(Lincoln is our favorite President. This was a great movie.) (Amazon)


Memphis Belle

“A U.S. bomber plane’s crew is ordered to hit a heavily defended German city. Capt. Dearborn (Matthew Modine) leads his men into battle while their commander and a public relations officer (John Lithgow) await the squad’s return in this film based on a real World War II mission. Amid friction between the captain and his co-pilot (Tate Donovan), a scandal erupts when a medical officer’s dishonesty is exposed.”
(Very engaging. Especially when the realized my dad was in the Air Force at the end of WWII)


Paper Clips

This is from 2004, but the age of this documentary doesn’t take away from the impact. A must see for your middle schooler to high schooler. “As a part of their study of the Holocaust, the children of the Whitwell, TN Middle School try to collect 6 million paper clips representing the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis.”

Recent History

Dear America: Letter’s Home from Vietnam

“Set to a 1960s soundtrack and accompanied by authentic news footage, still photos and home movies, these readings create an honest snapshot of a tumultuous time.”
(This was PG13. We really enjoy Dear America stories. Great listening on road trips. This didn’t disappoint.)


Series on Amazon

The Help

“In 1960s Jackson, Miss., aspiring writer Eugenia Phelan crosses taboo racial lines by conversing with Aibileen Clark about her life as a housekeeper, and their ensuing friendship upsets the fragile dynamic between the haves and the have-nots. When other long-silent black servants begin opening up to Eugenia, the disapproving conservative Southern town soon gets swept up in the turbulence of changing times.”
(Another PG13. I have watched it a few times and still get angry at how the country was then.)


Remember the Titans

“The year is 1971, and the people of Alexandria, Va., are none too pleased when African American Herman Boone is given the nod to head a newly integrated football team. As the season progresses, however, their contentious attitudes begin to change.”
(Another great watch for recent history.)



You can’t go wrong with Ken Burns Documentaries either.

What movies would you add to this list?

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