I started the day quite early. I decided I wanted to do a little shopping before going to Jonny’s funeral. I went to Michael’s. Big mistake! Mom loved going to Michael’s. She made cards with stamps and punches. I often would peruse Target quick while mom was at Michael’s. The last few times though I pushed her in a wheel chair. I didn’t make it through the check out without crying.
So I decided that was enough and headed super early to the church. I knew my boys would be there. I needed to see their faces.
Water works again at the sight of the hearse and J1 all dressed nice. So grown up. A young man.
This season of life is painful.
When my dad died I was in survival mode with a 2month old, and 2,7, and 8 year olds. They fully occupied any moment of my day.
With mom gone and fewer kids at home, and them being older kids. I have more time to think. Reflect. Remember.
I truly don’t know how I would survive this without the Hope I have in Jesus! To Him be the Glory in all of my pain. In all of my joy.

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