[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”6″ ihc_mb_template=”8″ ][/ihc-hide-content]Can we Talk about Hormones for a Minute?

Now, you may not have the products to support your hormones yet, and that’s totally ok. I wanted to share a bit about them this week so you could add them to your order for next month if you need them. The LLV may even be balancing them out a bit and you may be a little of kilter this week. It will be ok 🙂

While the LLV does have some calcium, the Bone Nutrient is a good supplement to make sure we are getting enough calcium. If you are in any stage of menopause, then 2 a day is suggested.

Phytoestrogen – Balances those hormones out and helps reduce hoot flashes. At least that was my experience.

Clary Calm – Throw this in your purse to help combat cramps or hot flashes.

Grab a PDF download about hormones here

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