Every year, since I started homeschooling in 2006, I have a few moments where that Big Yellow Bus looks better and better. Usually in February.

Here is what I remind myself of in those times:

  1. Read your bible.
  2. You CAN do this.
  3. The snow WILL melt. It does every year.
  4. Take a bath. With candles.
  5. If you’re crabby are you getting enough sleep?
  6. Ignore Granny or Aunt Bea… you are doing what is best for YOUR family.
  7. Your kids are learning even if you don’t think they are. Really.
  8. Go on a date with The Principal. You need adult interaction. You also sometimes need a glass of wine.
  9. Remember WHY you are homeschooling.
  10. If you forgot, drive by a school at recess.
  11. Don’t over schedule your ‘unsocialized’ kids. They WILL have friends. A few close friends are better than many not so close friends.
  12. Teaching the kids to clean isn’t child labor it’s Home Ec. Your house may never be in Better Homes and Gardens but you LIVE there. With kids. It’s okay.
  13. Don’t compare yourself to Suzy Homeschooler who’s kids are winning spelling bee’s and are 3 years ahead in math…She has a housekeeper. And a tutor.
  14. It’s okay to have Netflix and Popcorn days for learning.
  15. Have fun! Before you know it you will have 2 in high school and lapbooks aren’t cool when you’re in high school.

Make sure to go to the Teach Them Diligently blog to read more on how to stay encouraged.

One way I am seeking encouragement this year is by attending Teach Them Diligently Marketplace. I get to go to Tacoma for the weekend to hear some great speakers and have adult conversations with other adults. Sounds BLISSFUL to me! I am so excited to go and hope to see you there.

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