I am super excited to share 10 Uses for Diatomaceous Earth with you today.

Before now I had only heard of DE, but never used it. I asked my FaceBook ‘fans’ what they thought. Here is what they said:

Danielle S. says “In my smoothies (yep, I eat it!). In the garden for various reasons.”

Deborah W. says “We sprinkle it on dog food and chicken feed. Seemed to keep the flies down. Flies were terrible where we lived in CO”
Guess what I am doing right now?

Alicia V. and Joy E. both agree the hen house is the place for Diatomaceous Earth. Keeps dust mites down and is great for their dust bath.

I decided to use it in our chicken coop.

Before diatomaceous earth in chicken coop @MamaKautz
All nice and clean. Make sure you aren’t spreading just on a messy, poop filled coop. That is totally counterproductive.

Diatomaceous Earth in Chicken Coop @MamaKautz
I spread it in their coop and also their run, which is about 15×15. The 2 pound bag was plenty to do both areas.

Don't spread diatomaceous earth on a breezy day Note to self: don’t spread diatomaceous earth on a breezy day.


I did not feel the need to wear a mask or anything. I have read that you SHOULD, and gloves…so do your research, don’t follow my example. Unless of course you like to live on the edge.

OK. That is 5 things you can do with Diatomaceous Earth. Here are 5 more because I did say 10 uses for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (Now that I can pronounce it I love writing…er typing it.) Diao-Tum-A-Shush

Food Storage

I had NO IDEA you could use it in your food storage buckets. I found this little ditty, by TexasPrepper2, on YouTube. It’s worth a watch for a little education.


Again, no idea! You can make capsules of it, just like my essential oil veggie caps, and take it internally. Of course ONLY FOOD GRADE. I know, I would like to say this goes without saying, but there is somebody out there that would read this and use the wrong kind, then blame me for not telling them. So, I told ya.
The purpose of using DE internally would be to detox your body of icky stuff. You don’t want to take too much too fast or you will feel gross. If you don’t have any gel caps you can mix 1/2 tsp in honey or throw it in your smoothie or juice that you just freshly made. (Did you know we started juicing? No? Well, I will have to share at a later time)

Sprinkle on Pet Food

Helps keep flies away. Excellent idea for summer!

Sprinkle on your Dog or Cat, or other critters

Helps keep fleas and flies off of them. I would use this cool mason jar contraption to sprinkle it on them. Again, my preference. Also safe to use in their bedding.

Deodorant and Toothpaste

I make my own deodorant. I read you can use diatomaceous earth in it. I am SO making some. Just replace the baking soda with diatomaceous earth. Here is my recipe for deodorant and one for toothpaste.

This list really is endless! I am going to stock up on diatomaceous earth for our preparedness supplies.

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