I have been trying to get sub domains on this blog. Moving my running blog and DIVA Girls over to one location.

In the process of messing something up I got a little delete happy and actually deleted my wp-admin directory(which I didn’t know yet). Basically the thing that makes my blog work. I could see it and read it, I just couldn’t post.

I had met a blog guru on my running twitter He was giving me ideas on designs so I could have a landing page. Well, as I was chatting with him on twitter we both realized my blog was broken.

You guys…..Ryan from We Are Pro Bloggers spent all evening….I mean HOURS with me trying to fix it….he even went into my cPanel and the chatted live with Host Gator to get my blog up and running.

He is so patient and nice. Did I mention patient!

I am telling you if you need help and are code challenged like myself…Ryan is your man!



My opinions are my own and Ryan at We Are Pro Bloggers didn’t pay me to say these nice things….I say them cause he ROCKS!

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