I was part of the 47%

This is the post where I talk about being reformed Liberal.

There was a time in my life where I needed help from the government. I ended up living at home with my two small boys. Then living in a long-term shelter or what would be known as a transitional housing.

I had a one-year-old and a 2 1/2 year old boys.

I received AFDC from the government… $546 a month. I also received Food-stamps, childcare, and medical.
Where I lived, in the transitional housing supported by the YWCA, I had to go to school or work.
I chose to go to school. The tuition was privately funded. I became a medical receptionist.

There was no incentive for me to get off of AFDC or Food-stamps after my schooling was done. With the exception that my time at the transitional housing was running out and I needed to get on my own two feet. I did an internship with the Department of Social Services so I would have work experience other than what I had done in high school. I was still receiving Medicaid, Food-stamps, my childcare was paid for, and I was still getting the $546 a month (my rent was $180 a month the entire stay at the transitional housing)

I was making more money on subsidies than when I was able to get a full-time job at $10 an hour. I lost my child care subsidy because there was a time limit of one year…I used that year to attend school. My daycare was $700 a month and I couldn’t afford to pay it and I wasn’t getting any child care assistance from their father. I had to quit my job that I had gone to school for. I then got job at a daycare center so that I could work for less money but I had 50% of my childcare as a benefit.
I in no way felt entitled to the help I received. There were girls that kept having babies to get more AFDC money. It happened. A lot.

I didn’t want to raise my kids in the system. I didn’t want them to be raised to be teenagers and say “well my mom didn’t have to work so I don’t have to work.”
No, that was not an option. But, sadly, there were 2nd and even 3rd generations that did feel this way.
Why should they work if the Government is going to take care of their every need?

I feel that today, with the way the United States is utilizing their funds, that’s exactly what these people are doing. They have no reason to go get a job or an education.

I very much want to be that Christian that helps people. Pay it forward so to speak. My husband has always said “it’s a hand up, not a handout.”

So when you see me post only conservative stuff on Facebook or Twitter please know I have BEEN THERE! I have been part of that so called 46% of America that doesn’t pay taxes.

Added after I read my own post a few times:
I am in no way opposed to helping those that need help. I am opposed to those that feel the government is there specifically to help them.
The entitled. Yes. They are out there.
I lived down the hall from them. I went to school with them.
There needs to be a limit to the amount of help.
They, or we at the time, need to feel worthy of more than a government hand out.
You start to feel less than because you are in the system.
That, to me, is a HUGE fail on the governments part….

Ok. Off my soap box. Carry on.

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