photo credit: E. Kautz

Joyce Meyer Power Thought 3

How would a fear free life be different than your life today? Phony personalities hide who God has made us to be.

Fear of the future
Fear of being alone
Fear of losing friends
Fear of losing your husband

Fear is the root of all stress.

What is my biggest fear?

Losing my husband. Whether to a car accident. A hunting accident. Or poor health.
This fear keeps me from connecting with him on a deeper level. I somehow say to myself ‘he isn’t going to be here forever so why not keep my wall up’

Who wins in this situation? Satan, that’s who.

Who wants Satan to win?
Not me!

I will not live in fear and let Satan keep my husband from me.
‘I will not live in fear because my God is always with me’ -2 Timothy 1:7