I have a new hobby! Couponing!

I took a class. A class on how to use coupons. Not the extreme couponing, but better than one or two a week…which is what I was doing. If you are local the have classes all the time. You can find the schedule on Raking in the Savings

My initial investment:

Binder: Free. Re-purposed one that had old papers in it.
Binder inserts: $10 They were specific to coupons. They are nice because there are different size pockets.

Similar to these (affiliate link):

Sunday paper: 3 per week, rural delivery $77.
Keyword rural. It will most likely NOT be that high for you.

So $87 for my initial investment.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 8.09.32 PM
I started a spreadsheet. I will keep track the amount and percentage saved every week.


This was at Albertson’s this week. Now, normally I can’t stand shopping there.
My first experience with doublers was hor.i.ble.
I tried again because there was a SCREAMING deal on Progresso soup.

You could buy 4 at $1 a can add my coupon for .50 off two makes them .75 a can

Nature Valley Granola bars
2 for $5 with $1 off two

I also got deals on Barilla Pasta and Cheerios.

This particular week everything was for my prep shelf…not food we would normally eat.
So I paid $33.64 for $93.92 worth of groceries.

Do you coupon?

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