*update* I use 1T Apple Cider Vinegar with 1C water as conditioner every other washing.
**upadte #2** I have since added Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang essential oils. They help with hair growth. Bonus? They also help with hormones. This is a VERY good thing.

I read a fellow blogger had gone poo’less. Meaning she decided to quit using shampoo!
I decided to try this as well.
What could I lose?
So easy.
So frugal!
I am all about easy and frugal! Simple if you will.

2T baking soda
4C of hot H2O

I use about a cup per washing
Hubs, who hair challenged, uses 1/2 that.

My hair does NOT smell at all.

I did have a week or so of itchy scalp…and uh…zits…I probably could have changed the oil in my car….
After the little time of waiting for my hair to adjust it was great!


I quit using Shampoo
I quit using Shampoo

A re-purposed an Aquafina bottle that I bought at a gas station on a road trip.
My hair after only about 3 weeks of going poo-less

Feels more manageable and thicker…My hair has been thin all my life…so this, for me, is AH-Mazing!