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There seems to be a slew of e-books and blog posts on tired moms.
When my kids were little there wasn’t the internet there is today. I would NOT have been on as much as I am now if we did have internet.
My friends were at MOPS and the park, not in my computer.

We need RELATIONSHIPS to survive the day to day.

In person relationships and a relationship with Jesus.

I don’t recall being as tired or defeated as moms are today. I didn’t start my relationship with Jesus until my youngest was 10 months old. Maybe it is Him that has wiped away the weary memories?

But by tired in regards to blog posts, I don’t mean physically exhausted. I was, at times.

I do mean the tired of life, overwhelmed feeling I am seeing so much of.
Moms today seem to always be treading water. Always overwhelmed. Always defeated.
I don’t read many posts on how content one is. Or how happy they are to be a mom.

I agree, we need to be transparent. Share the icky, to an extent, so we all know we aren’t alone.

It’s depressing to see all the tired mom posts and e-books.

If you need an e-book to help you then I think you need MUCH MORE than that.
Don’t hear me say those books aren’t great. That those blogs posts don’t help.

What I am saying is there seems to be so much of it.

Look UP, not out.
Step away from the internet.
None of us are going anywhere.
But your children will grow up in the blink of an eye.

Yes, I know you have heard that a million times. I am speaking truth.

Go be the mom and wife HE called you to be. Without the Internet telling you what you aren’t.
Reevaluate WHY you are tired. Or over-scheduled. Or discouraged.

Don’t compare your life to Pinterest.
Or that Suzy-Homemaker blogger who ONLY shows her Pinterest-worthy living room and NOT her hall closet, that she can’t open, for fear of it’s contents falling out on the floor.

To fulfill God’s calling on your life, you need to focus on the life in front of you.

Not the life on the screen, but the life you can touch. Hug. Kiss. Snuggle.

This is only a season and while I KNOW if feels as if the season won’t ever end, it’s quite the contrary.
Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

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