Neither The Principal or I have our father’s this side of heaven.
My dad passed away in July of 1999. Jesse was 2 months old. My father in law passed away December of 2002.
Nothing brings you closer together as a couple than the loss of a parent. Not the we know of anyway.
Father’s Day could be bittersweet for us. We still have kids that want to celebrate their dad.
This year, as with every year, I will be honoring The Principal.
For stepping up and becoming the dad my older boys didn’t have.
For being the Godly example, of a husband, for our boys to learn from and our daughter to seek out in her husband, whoever that may be.
For being the provider of our family which allows me to stay home and be a homeschool mom.

I love you, honey.
Thank you, Jesus, for giving me such a gift.

We will celebrate today by heading to the lake with friends. Enjoying the summer sun and fellowship.
How are you celebrating?

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