Jakarta Pandemic book review

I saw on Facebook awhile back about the author, Steven Konkoly’s, book series going on sale on Amazon.
I purchased The Perseid Collapse and began to read it right away.
A few pages in and it dawned on me, this was actually book 2, well book 1, but there was a prequel.
I then bought the prequel, Jakarta Pandemic, and read it first. I have since finished The Perseid Collapse as well and will be reviewing it next week.

This was one of those books I couldn’t put down. Now, for the guys out there, remember I am a 40 something homeschool mom. My opinion on a great book may be a bit different than yours. That said, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t think it was worth the money.

The Jakarta Pandemic is a the H16N1 strain of the flu. It starts in Jakarta and spreads rather quickly. Hence the pandemic.
Alex Fletcher, an Iraq vet, knew something was going happen eventually so he had been getting his family, typical suburbanite with a boy and a girl, ready.
The story follows Alex on his journey from his job with a pharmaceutical company to the end of the book.
(This is where I really want to tell you what happens, but can’t without giving away too much of the storyline)

This book was believable. It wasn’t a zombie style pandemic. The characters were engaging, or annoying, but strong.
I really enjoy this genre and this book didn’t disappoint.

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