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Something I have found, since getting animals last Spring, is the house just isn’t always fresh. I want my house to smell like a home, not a barn.
When you first walk in to your home on your homestead does it smell fresh? Clean? I don’t mean like bleach. Or chocolate chip cookies, although cookies aren’t bad.
Or is there a musty or not-so-fresh smell?

I found that the entry is the worst. We don’t have a mud room, you know, that perfect place to leave work boots and muck boots. So we leave them right in the entry way.
We also don’t have grass, so there is a lot of sand that gets tracked in if shoes aren’t left by the door. Boots must always be left by the door because seriously, you were just out feeding chickens and goats and they poop. A lot. You probably stepped in it so boots stay by the door.
Do you see where the house then starts to smell like the barn.
It’s the first thing we smell if I don’t keep it under control.

Enter my room spritzer

I may or may not have spritzed the dogs after they’ve been outside.

I also use a diffuser

I use a few combinations for my diffuser. I will place the diffuser near the front door if the house is extra smelly. Honestly, I need another diffuser.

Good combinations are:

Peppermint + Orange

Lemon + Purify

Purify + Lavender

I have also used On Guard if any of us are showing signs of a cold.

Here is my go to carpet deodorizer

I use anywhere from 1-2 Tbsp of Baking Soda depending on the size of area I am going to vacuum. I usually use 1-2 drops of each oil depending on how stale the house smells. If you can’t already tell, Purify is my FAVORITE! It is so fresh and citrusy smelling.

These are just some suggestions, you can play scientist and see what combinations work for you.

Alternately you can make a bigger batch vs per use.

2 cups baking soda
10 drops Purify Cleansing Blend
1. Add Purify to baking soda until combined
2. Sprinkle mixture over the carpet and let sit 1-2 hours. Vacuum. 
3. Store remaining mixture in an airtight container for future use



Do you need Essential Oils of your own?
Go to my my page on how to learn more.Or you can
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and I will personally assist
you in choosing the best oils to fit your needs.
Please use discretion if using is that are not CPTG oils.
I am not a doctor and can not diagnose or treat what ails ya.
I can just give my advice. Essential Oils have yet to be
approved by the FDA.
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