Immune Support
2-3 Drops in your tea with a little local honey to soothe throat discomfort

Water Flavor
I use 2 drops in my 16oz HydroFlask water bottle everyday

Cleaning your Kitchen
Use it to clean and refresh on your cutting board

Clean your Toothbrush
A drop on your toothbrush to support immune system

Lemon oil is uplifting to ones mood

Wood Polish
2-3 drop in a half cup of Olive oil (spot test first)

Cook with Lemon EO
Use in place of lemon wedges with your fish (only a drop or two)
3 or 4 drops in a vanilla cake mix to make it lemon cake

Gum in your hair?
Use Lemon EO to get it out

Fridge Odor
2 drops on a cotton ball and put at the back of the fridge

Lemon oil is a great remedy for the early stages of
tarnish on silver and other metals

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