Math Rider is a math game for kids

So I am not gonna lie…I was sneaky with this review and getting the 12 year old to play it. He thought he was ‘too old’ for the ‘game’ and said it was for younger kids.
I opened the program and went to the difficult level of addition.
As you play the game and advance you go across the Mathlands from The Land of Ray.

So as the game was telling the story, boy child got interested. When it came time to play after the story he pushed me aside to play himself.  He enjoyed it!


screen shot of Mathlands

screen shot of addition statistics so far

It is a bit slow moving for my 12 year old…but he feels that way for all math so I don’t feel it is reflective on Math Rider itself.  One nice attribute….if he misses, say 12+21,  the game pauses and says it out-loud with the correct answer….then, after a few more questions, asks the one he missed again. I like that part!

It is a download, which I had a few issues with, but they were quick to return e-mails and very nice! I am sure it was operator error more than program error.

Math Rider is an instant download for $37 with a 30 day risk free guarantee.

I received this curriculum free for my review. My opinions are my own

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