We had Boy Child #1’s girlfriend’s parents over for dinner and a bonfire.
There is talk of the M word, so the potential of sharing grand
babies with this couple are quite high. My BFF has already gone
through meeting the parents a few of times. I have watched and
learned as she hasn’t had the best of luck with the in-laws. Will
they like us? Do they like our son? Will they still like him if he
proposes? I am happy to report the evening was enjoyable. They are
from Western Washington, which is where The Principal and I were
both born and raised, so we have that in common. There was only one
awkward quiet moment, that seemed to go on for eternity, when there
was talk of Boy Child moving to Seattle to get on with Seattle Fire
Dept. The same department that Boy Child’s paternal grandfather
retired from. The same one his future father in law works for. I
voiced my opinion that I didn’t think that was a good fit for Boy
Child. The city. The people. The distance from where he was raised.
It didn’t go over well. He may be 22, but he’s still my baby.
Kidding. I get he needs to do things his way. I will support him.
Doesn’t mean I have to like it. It’s a new season of life that we
are entering. I’m okay with it. Just bring on the grand babies.
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