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Obstacles to Preventing You
Living Younger, Longer.

Fat cell

Maturing of Fat Cells

As fat cells grow in size through a maturation process, they not only take up more space, but cause many different health issues.

Glucose Spike

Glucose Levels Spiking

Every time we eat, our glucose levels spike. Every time our glucose levels spike, we age.

Aging Cell

Aging of Cells

At the age of 25 our body slows the production of Collagen & NAD+ which then begins the aging process of our cells.

"NAD+ is the closest we've gotten to a fountain of youth. It's one of the most important molecules for life to exist, and without it, you're dead in 30 seconds." ~Dr. David Sinclair

One Experience

The first thing I noticed was my brain felt so clear. I had more patience with my kids and didn't feel the need to process everything before responding. When people asked me questions I would shut down, because my brain just felt overwhelmed. Not anymore! My brain is clear, my moods are good, my clothes are getting big on me, and I feel better than I EVER have! The energy is next level!


Obstacle #1 - Fat Cells Maturing

Metabolic Reset with The Essential Prepper

The MetaPWR™ essential oil blend went through clinical trials that show that it actually inhibits the maturation of fat cells. 

What this means is your fat cells will shrink in size and take up less space and in turn bring positive health effects to you.

Obstacle #2 - Glucose Spikes

Metabolic Reset with The Essential Prepper

The MetaPWR™ Assist contains:

MetaPWR™ Essential Oil Blend

This helps to keep those glucose spikes more regulated & turns your fast carbs into slow carbs.

Obstacle #3 - Aging of Your Cells

metabolic reset with The Essential Prepper

The MetaPWR™ Advantage is a breakthrough collagen supplement w/NMN

Helps w/the production of collagen
Helps w/the production of NAD+ (Fountain of Youth)
9 Types of Collagen
12x Absorption Rate (Means your body actually utilizes it
70% Tripeptides (industry standard is 15-35%)
+ 10 other active ingredients designed to reverse aging  

There is nothing out there like this. MetaPWR™ Advantage is a revolutionary collagen that is literally reversing aging from the inside out. 

What People Are experiencing

with the metaPWR™ system

Brain fog going away
Less aches in their body
Weight loss
Inches gone
Better focus
Wrinkles fading
Better sleep
Better monthly cycles
More muscle toning
So much more energy
Happier moods
Skin tightening


These Before & Afters are SO GOOD...

6 Weeks on MetaPWR™

8 Days on MetaPWR™

12 Days on MetaPWR™

14 Days on MetaPWR™

11 Days on MetaPWR™

6 Weeks on MetaPWR™

30 Days on MetaPWR ™

A Message From Your Future Self

Hey! I'm Katey.

I help preppers to tap into feeling good in this one body and one life they have. 

The point of this life is to feel good in your body, your heart, your mind, your relationships, and really just every aspect of your life. 

I believe we have the ability to proactively create our health and our happiness through intentional living and giving your body and your soul exactly what it needs to wake up and feel GOOD.

This MetaPWR™ system has dramatically improved my quality of life. 

I struggled with wanting to be ready for anything but knew my health wouldn't withstand event the simplest of emergencies.

MetaPWR™ has not only helped me to completely ditch the brain fog, but I have more energy, my skin feels & looks better, and I just feel so much more ready to take on the world. 

I'm excited to help you to give your metabolic system everything that it needs to function properly so you can live this one life feeling GOOD in your body.

It's time to start feeling good in
this one body and one you life you have. 

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