If you have been reading my blog for at least the last year then you know I am what society would call a Prepper.
You won’t see us on Doomsday Preppers or Apocalypse 101, although we find both shows entertaining to watch.

Today I am going to share with you what is in my Everyday Carry Bag or EDC.
This bag, for me, is a backpack. For you it could be your purse or fanny pack.
The point of this bag is not to get home. A Get Home Bag is a different bag that one might leave in their car.
The point of my EDC is to have things on my person all the time. I also want to be able to carry it easily.
What isn’t pictured, because it was in my hiking pack, is my flashlight and headlamp.

This pictures is pretty self explanatory.
I do have my CWP or Concealed Weapons Permit.
So yes, I do carry my 9mm in my back pack. I do not leave my pack anywhere or let it out of my sight, if I am not at home. Recent, local events have made me re-think my carry style. I no longer carry in my pack or my purse. If I carry it will by on my person, not in a purse or backpack. 
I prefer to carry this way rather than on my hip or strapped to my ankle. Is it as easy to access this way? Not as easy as if it were on me, no. That said, I feel it’s too bulky to try to hide when all I may have on is a t-shirt and shorts.

The next picture shows what’s in the blue satchel.


Again, self explanatory. My mini 1st aid kit. I actually needed the tweezers yesterday for The Principal. I carry these because not everybody wants to use/try my essential oils. 

Your bag will look different.
These things are what works for me and what I am comfortable carrying with me everyday. Things that I feel I may need when not at home.
We also have Get Home Bags, for each of us, in the car. These are in case of a bigger emergency such as an EMP or earthquake, where the roads home would be impassable.
There is also a tote for emergencies that I carry in the car.
These all have different items in them. I also, depending on if I am on a road-trip, will add or remove items accordingly.

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