I am honored to share today’s giveaway made possible by my friend, Jill, from The Prairie Homestead.

This book is available in e-book or hard copy. Today’s giveaway is for a hard copy.

12 Days of Giveaway's with @MamaKautz: Natural Homestead by Jill Winger

Are you:

+ Tired of feeding commercial feed to your chickens that contains GMOs, antibiotics, and processed by-products like feather meal?

+ Struggling to create a natural environment for your cooped-up flock?

+ Battling pests on your homestead because you refuse to purchase chemical pesticides that could be toxic to your family?

+ Feeling discouraged because those chemical dewormers are no longer working?

+ Wishing you had some home remedies on hand for when your critters get cuts and scrapes?

+ Ending up with a headache when you to disinfect your coop or barn with bleach?

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